My name is Josue El Guerrero Rivera. My friends call me J. D. My story is a long one, so for now I’ll tell you the short version. I am am a Pro Boxer and Gym owner of warrior boxing gym in South Philadelphia. I am also a husband and father of three great kids. I am proud to say that I have been married for ten years.

I began to box at the age of 29. You could say it was my mid life crisis …. since when I was younger i was some what of a wild child. At age 29 I had calmed down somewhat was ready to prove tpo myself i still had it. So I left my home in LA and I made my way to a boxing gym in Trullio, Puerto Rico. The trainers that were in charge of the place went by the name familia, because he called everyone by this phrase. He was reluctant to let me train because the place was for real fighters not people just looking to get into shape . Anyhow, he did eventually let me start training. Once I began, he saw how hard I could  hit and how hard I could train. He saw me do my best and listen to what he said, so he began to give me more attention.

So began my trip down the road to the boxing life I live now. Before I got to where I am now, I had to put in a lot of hard work. Some time after after training in Trullio I went to another gym in Caimito, Puerto Rico. Here, Freddie Trinidad was the head coach and like always he to was reluctant to train me for I was to heavy and to old. For some reason he gave me a shot and let me train with his assistant teenager who liked me. He would train me so much, that Freddie would tease him and call me teenager’s Champion, as if Iwas a waist of time. then they put me to spar and boy did I take an ass wippin at first. I did alright but then I was under a rain storm of punches and tell you the truth not one hurt so I moved in and fought through the storm, never givin in a step.

Impressing them in some way, I got even more attention. It was then that money got tight and I had to work to support my Wife and Child so boxing had to be put aside. Not training… but going to the gym, since it was so far away i didnt have the time or transportaion to make it happen. I bought a bag and a boxing book remembering all they showed me and all I could read and see on T.V. I trained non-stop every free moment I had. Finally I could go back to the gym. Feeling shame for being gone so long after the Teenager put time in training me, I went to another gym, Wilfredo Gomez’s Gym in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Here, I met Ivan Calderon and his trainer. I was there for many months training and picking up as much as I could.

As luck would have it I had to make the move to philadelphia.Which is a story on its own to tell another day. Once i made it Philadelphia, I found a Gym owned by joey eye so i started training with Liz Sherman and Jimmy Washington. I was learning alot from both of them. Then I was given the chance to open my own gym. I took it and made warrior boxing gym. Jimmy Washington came with me and he taught me everything he knew. He was a pro fighter in his day and son of Art Washington, the best trainer in the history of Philadelphia. I started to mold together all I have absorbed throughout the five years I have been practicing to make my own style; An agressive sharpshooting counterpunchhing wirl wind of change. I adapt to any style of boxing and with that as well as being beyond fighting shape I went pro without ever fighting amateur.

I did lots of sparring and club shows , exibitions , tuffman , bar boxing… wherever I could make a buck or get some gloves on, I was in. I didn’t win my first two real fights. The first one I was robbed and the second I was sick with a fever from a tooth infection and was up all the night before the fight. I still had to fight, for myself and for my family.

I learned a lot and with all this I am going into my next phase of my boxing career. I keep moving forward looking for my next fight and ready for what’s to come. As for the boxing gym, its doing well. Thank God. He always makes sure we get by. Mr. Jimmy Washington is still here with me trying his best to train me even if his age makes it rough. He’s still got all the know how to make it happen.

I’m 36 now and I look 23. I have more stamina than anyone I know. I still skateboard and train harder than everyone because I have so much to prove. Remember… I’m the old guy thats lost two times on paper. So stick around and witness history in the making as Josue El Guerrero defies all odds and becomes the world middle wight champion at 37 years old .

when it all began
  1. warrior#1 says:

    wow what a tale to tell makes a great movie

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